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Mosel Selection


Rhine Selection


Global Roaming

Rheinhessen - Red Wine from Germany

Global Roaming
Pinot Noir dry

A refreshing dry Riesling from the Rheinhessen area.

Global Roaming
Riesling QbA dry

This is modern South African wine making at its best.

Global Roaming
Cape Rosé

Global Roaming Pinot Grigio dry

Global Roaming
Pinot Grigio dry


Schmitt Söhne Family Wines


Fünf Wines


Relax Wines / Still and Sparkling


Thomas Schmitt Private Collection


Our Highlights

The traditional one in white

Dr. Schmitt Riesling QbA

The spicy and adventurous one

Chilli Head

The easy drinking one

Riesling Rhein Landwein

Alcohol free wine from Germany

WinFree Red Alcohol free

The traditional one in red

Dr. Schmitt Pinot Noir QbA

The medium-sweet, robust one

Jägerschoppen White

The attractive Riesling

Miss Schmitt Riesling Landwein

The memory in red

Schmitt 1919 Pinot Noir

The unusual one in red

WinFree White Alcohol free


Sparkling Wines

White Sparkling wine from Germany

Schmitt Schenk
Ockfener Scharzberg dry


Monthly Favorites