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Our grapes

Grape Varieties

The wide range of grape varieties cultivated in Germany is impressive, from Albalonga to Zweigeltrebe. There are nearly 100 grape varieties grown in normal and/or experimental vineyards.

Schmitt Söhne mainly produces wine from white grapes. Mostly white Riesling grapes are cultivated in our region of the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, with Riesling being the best-known German wine abroad. Another important grape is Müller-Thurgau, with White and Grey Burgunder growing in popularity. Grape cultivation differs from region to region, however. Riesling, for example, dominates in the more northern regions of Germany such as our own, Rheingau and the Hessische Bergstrasse.

Riesling Wines | Schmitt Söhne Wines


Is the finest and best known of Germany’s white varieties (about 24 %). Its small grapes ripen late – til October or November. This long, slow ripening period allows it to develop more aroma and a harmonious balance.

Riesling wines: fragrant, fine-fruit bouquet; lively, pronounced acidity; piquant taste; potential for ageing because of racy acidity.

Mueller Thurgau Wines | Schmitt Söhne Wines


Became in the meantime the most widely planted grape in Germany. It is a crossing of two varieties, probably Riesling and Silvaner, developed in 1882 in Geisenheim, Germany by Professor H. Müller from Thurgau, Switzerland. The grapes ripen early, usually in September.

Wines: flowery bouquet, milder acidity than Riesling; slight muscat flavour; best consumed while fresh and young

Silvaner Wine | Schmitt Söhne Wines


Is a traditional variety. Its medium-sized, juicy grapes ripen somewhat earlier than Riesling.

Wine: neutral bouquet; mild acidity; full-bodied, pleasant wines; best enjoyed while young.

Kerne White Wine | Schmitt Söhne Wines


Is a popular new crossing, developed from Trollinger and Riesling. It has thick-skinned, early-ripening grapes.

Wine: Light muscat bouquet; racy, lively acidity; similar to Riesling.

Spätburgunder Wines | Schmitt Söhne Wines

Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)

In Germany, the Spätburgunder is to red wine what the Riesling is to white wine: the cream of the crop. The German name for Pinot Noir is Spätburgunder. Its small grapes ripen late and originally this vine came from the French province of Burgundy.

Wine: An elegant distinctive wine with a distinctive bouquet reminiscent of bitter almonds or blackberries.

Dornfelder Wines | Schmitt Söhne Wines


This is one of the newer varieties, which ripens relatively early and produces wine far deeper in colour than other German red wines.

Wine: It is prized on its own as a fragrant, full-bodied, complex wine with a fairly tannic acidity.