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Sparkling wines aren’t just for holidays and celebrations. Make every day special with this white wine blend. Effervescent and luxurious, RELAX Bubbles is a refreshing white wine blend with an enticing bouquet of ripe pineapple and citrus. This exciting and intense play of sweet and tart has a light mineral note and a lingering, dry finish.

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Relax Pinot Noir

Relax Pinot Noir is a charming, medium-bodied wine that has a delightful fruitiness with balanced acidity and low tannins. Pinot Noir grapes thrive on the longer maturation period provided by the cool climate of the Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine region.
crisp & delicate - versatile and food-friendly wine with fresh lemon and citrus flavors.
A refreshing dry Mosel Riesling grown on the steep slopes of the Mosel Valley's. It has a remarkable vibrant fruitiness, balanced with crisp acidity to deliver a clean finish.

Schmitt Söhne Wines

Schmitt Söhne has developed a wide variety of wines from the Mosel and the Rhine river. One of our most successful lines of fine wines, the Blue Riesling (Schmitt Söhne Family Wine) range, was introduced in 1996 in a distinctive blue bottle which created a new market trend.  The success of this wine has been outstanding.  Never before had a German wine been presented in a blue bottle, and it quickly became an icon of success for Schmitt Söhne. The Schmitt Söhne Family Wine consists of QbA, Kabinett, Spätlese and Auslese Rieslings.

Our next, very successful line of wines is the “Relax” brand, consisting of Relax RieslingRelax Pink, Relax Pinot GrigioRelax Cool Red, and our two new additions; the Relax Pinot Noir and the Relax Bubbles.

The “FÜNF” label is a delightful wine developed for a generation that’s open for fun. FÜNF Wines consist of a Riesling from Germany, a Sweet Red and Moscato from Italy, and a refreshing and fruity Sangria from Spain. This wine became an instant hit among younger wine enthusiasts.

The “Global Roaming” selection is dedicated to wine lovers who prefer dry wines. None of the wines in this category (Global Roaming Riesling, Global Roaming Chenin BlancGlobal Roaming Pinot GrigioGlobal Roaming Cape RoséGlobal Roaming Pinot Noir and Global Roaming Cabernet Sauvignon) contain more than 9g/L residual sugar. These wines are selected from growing regions all across the world, starting with Germany and South Africa.

And finally, our Thomas Schmitt Private Collection Estate Bottled wines are made from the finest Mosel Rieslings. Specifically collected for our valued customers who appreciate an exquisite wine. This collection offers a QbA, Kabinett, Spätlese and Auslese, as well as a QbA-Dry and a Pinot Noir. “Extraordinary,” “classy” and “first-class” are the flattering characterizations given to these wines by our fans/customers.

During the “evolution” from a small local winery to the leader in German wine exports, Schmitt Söhne has always kept its eye on the future by looking for ways to improve and process superb grapes while maintaining the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction with all our product lines.