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Schmitt Söhne family winery

During its evolution from a small local winery to one of the leaders in German wine exports, Schmitt Söhne has never lost sight of its focus: to produce wines of first-class quality that meet modern customer as well as market requirements and developing innovative projects in line with the spirit of the times.

More about our history

Our Relax Range” offers a wide selection of easy going wines with clean and straightforward labels. With its modern design and approachable taste profile, the Relax Range appeals to a broad spectrum of wine drinkers. The name Relax and the motto “Refresh! Relax! Repeat!” perfectly convey what the wines are all about. Enjoying them, you can just lean back and relax.

The “FÜNF” label is a delightful wine developed for a generation that’s open for fun. FÜNF Wines consist of a Riesling from Germany, a Moscato from Italy and a refreshing and fruity Sangria from Spain. These wines became an instant hit among younger wine enthusiasts.

The “Global Roaming” selection is dedicated to wine lovers who prefer dry wines. None of the wines in this category (Global Roaming Riesling, Global Roaming Pinot Grigio, Global Roaming Cape Rosé and a Global Roaming Pinot Noir) contain more than 9g/L residual sugar. These wines are selected from growing regions all across the world, starting with Germany and South Africa.

Our “Thomas Schmitt Private Collection” Estate Bottled wines are made from the finest Mosel Rieslings and an exceptional Mosel Pinot Noir. Specifically collected for our valued customers who appreciate exquisite wines. This collection offers a QbA, Kabinett, Spätlese and Auslese, as well as a QbA-Dry and a Pinot Noir. “Extraordinary,” “classy” and “first-class” are the flattering characterizations given to these wines by our fans/customers.