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Since 1919

Our history

Over 200 years ago the Schmitt ancestors settled in the small village of Longuich, located along the Mosel River, and began managing vineyards and producing wine. We feel very attached to our family’s long tradition in this business.

At our site, still located in Longuich, we have increased production capabilities and updated and expanded our computer network to efficiently handle all aspects of the winery, from quality control to customer service and shipments. Over the years, we have established a distribution network in many countries across the globe.

Now in the 5th generation, Schmitt Söhne is one of Germany’s largest and most successful wine exporters to wine drinkers all over the world. While continuously developing our winemaking and looking for ways to incorporate new technologies and techniques, we never lose sight of the traditional way of producing exceptional German wines. Our policy has remained the same for over 200 years: to create the best wines possible using only top-quality grapes. Today we offer the whole world a taste of great wines at affordable prices.

To ensure that the best possible service and products reach to our customers, various Quality Management Systems, like HACCP, BRC, IFS and ISO are an integral part of our production procedures and management.

CEO Juliane Schmitt

5th generation


It's the 21st century and we have arrived at the 5th generation of the Schmitt Söhne family. The company has beeing headed by Juliane Schmitt since January 2020, who sees her main task in facing the challenges of the future and implementing innovative projects in line with the spirit of the times.

4th generation


The CEO Thomas Schmitt developed Schmitt Söhne into a worldwide operating winery.

3rd generation


Gerd Schmitt began selling German wines in Europe, and laid the groundwork for our biggest market in the USA.

2nd generation


Peter Vitalis Schmitt expanded his father’s business and distributed the wines throughout Germany.

1st generation


In 1919, Hilar Schmitt, the great-grandfather of today’s owners, founded the company as a small regional winery.