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Dessert white wine from Germany

Our Icewine is a type of dessert wine, grown in Rheinhessen, Germany and produced from frozen grapes that are harvested while still frozen on the vine. Gently pressed, so the Ice crystals of the water will stay in the grape and only the concentrated fruit juice is processed. Our Icewine has strong aromas, remembering on tropical fruits, voluminous and essence rich on the palate.

Serve chilled
8 – 10 % by vol.
Residual Sugar
150 – 190 g/L
Total acidity
6 – 8 g/L
This wine should be enjoyed on its own, but goes also very well with a wide range of fruit-based desserts but also rich and intense cheeses are spledid partners for an Icewine.
0,5 L


Our Highlights