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Schmitt Söhne Hock Deutscher Landwein Rhein

The name Hock originates from the vineyard areas around the village of Hochheim. Due its difficulty to pronounce, word Hochheim was shortened to “Hoch” or “Hock” in the last century. Today Hock indicates table wines of superior quality which are grown mainly in the Rhein, Pfalz and Nahe areas. In order to keep the quality and taste on a continious high level, only special selected Müller Thurgau, Silvaner and Morio Muskat grapes are used for this wine.

9.0 – 9.5 % by vol.
Residual Sugar
26 – 32 g/L
Total acidity
7,0 – 8,0 g/L
Serve chilled
Enjoy by itself or with salads
Available sizes
750 ml
1000 ml
1500 ml
3 litre Bag-in-Box

Schmitt Söhne Hock Bag-in-Box


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